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Introducing the Nimbus N95 Respirator Mask With 360° Silicone Seal – the latest innovation from HygiMed Australia.

N95 Respirator Mask With 360° Silicone Seal

HygiMed’s NimbusN95® mask combines advanced molding technology to fuse a flexible medical-grade silicone seal around the inside of the mask. This offers 360° protection through a completely secure fit while also providing added comfort for extended use.

Australian Patent

“The innovative design of the NimbusN95 Mask is the most comfortable N95 mask I have ever worn. In my opinion, the NimbusN95 provides the wearer with a better fit, a significantly more reliable seal and superior comfort that allows prolonged use without compromising the protection of the wearer.”

Dr Sean L Tolhurst, Respiratory & Sleep Physician, Sleep & Lung Centre Brisbane

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