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HygiMed is a medical supplies, logistics and distribution company specialising in product development. We are proudly Australian.

HygiMed is a medical supplies, logistics and distribution company specialising in an innovative range of medical consumables and personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Our PPE products are chosen and trusted by Government health purchasing departments, private and public hospitals, aged care facilities, medical practices and dental practices across Australia. We are focussed on delivering excellence, a personalised approach, reliability and setting The New Standard in medical consumables products that meet a real need, increases comfort and helps clinicians serve their patients better.

We are both a supplier and a manufacturer of quality medical supplies, dedicated to offering a carefully curated range of quality products.

Technology underpins our approach. Our market-leading online portal offers our customers convenience, visibility and total control over their purchasing, logistics and expenditure.

HygiMed is experienced in direct global procurement and OEM product development. We work in an agile way with our clients to define their specific requirements, and develop these solutions directly with our manufacturing partners. This level of control over the development of our products results in a more cost effective solution while also offering a superior outcome and user experience.

Through our sophisticated global supply chain, and Australian-based warehousing and logistics facilities, HygiMed is well positioned to provide ongoing supply to all large organisations. With multiple distribution centers located across Asia Pacific, our end-to-end business model puts your productivity, profitability and specific requirements at the heart of our process.

We are proudly Australian.



All of our products are TGA approved and used by leading hospitals and medical organisations
across Australia.


Our Clients

We invest in relationships. Our consultative and personalised approach is proven across different business models and focused on your objectives.



Our strength lies in our ability to work directly with manufacturers to develop products that meet your requirements.


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HygiMed is part of the TUS Group. We have 15 Years Supplying Uniforms & PPE to the Medical Industry.