Introducing PivotPRO, our Level 3 Surgical Tieback Mask with Adjustable Visor – the latest innovation from HygiMed Australia.

Level 3 Surgical Tieback Mask with Adjustable Visor

HygiMed’s PivotPro® is an innovative solution which can be adjusted to fit the wearer. Unlike traditional masks with fixed visors the PivotPro visor can tilt forward up to 45 degrees accommodating different face shapes, and glasses, giving an individualised fit.

Patent Pending.


4 Layers of Protection

  • Level 3 Surgical Tieback Mask with Adjustable Visor.

  • Disposable, non-sterile

  • Panoramic visor can tilt forward up to 45 degrees, accommodating glasses, goggles and various face shapes, while also providing the same level of protection.

  • Anti-glare and Anti-fog treatment on visor shield made from 0.25mm clear PET plastic.

  • Anti-reflection strip on nose bridge. 

  • Long mask ties (length: 950mm) with extra reinforcement to reduce likelihood of breakage.

  • Moulded nose bridge with soft, latex-free foam nose cushion to provide a secure fit. Soft inner mask lining for maximum comfort.

  • Conforms to ASTM F1862; ISO 22609; ASTM F2299; ASTM F2101-14;  AS 4381:2015; EN 166:2001 and EN 14683:2014 product standards.

  • Suitable For: hospital and medical, emergency rooms, ICU and trauma areas, areas with high risk of fluid splash, and infectious disease testing.

  • Three year shelf life.

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