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HygiMed Responding To The Post-COVID19 Retail Experience

The global pandemic has given rise to a new type of consumer – and experts are warning that the changes are permanent. As restrictions ease, and customers begin to resume their daily activities, retailers are being rewarded if they understand their customer’s priorities and how they want to shop.

The post-COVID-19 consumer is more tech-savvy and more cautious about their health and spending. It’s not all bad news though. Customers are feeling increasingly confident visiting familiar businesses as they seek to resume normality in their lives and daily activities.

Don't gamble with your customer's safety

Don’t gamble with your customer’s safety or risk reputational damage by providing poor quality hygiene and disinfection products to your customers. Customers are surprisingly well educated on the new hygiene standards, and will avoid stores that don’t meet their elevated expectations.

Customers are expecting retailers to:

How the retail shopping experience has shifted

The COVID Retail Recovery Protocol communicates a list of recommendations, and consumers are adapting quickly to new expectations. But this isn’t the time for retailers to simply “weather the storm”. Improving the shopping experience will help retailers win consumer confidence.

Vigilant customers are looking for convenience

Customers are consolidating their retail visits to limit their community exposure, and with that brings increased expectations. They are looking for speed, convenience and a seamless experience. Some retailers are creating “speed zones” at their store-fronts, stocking popular items for a quick shopping experience.

New hygiene expectations

Hygiene products are expected to be provided as a convenience in high-touch areas such as food courts to encourage visitors to feel safe and secure to stay longer. Visible systems, such as hand and surface sanitisation stands, contribute to an increase in consumer’s trust and likelihood of return business.

Memorable experiences breed loyalty

Retailers are making their in-store experiences more compelling to overcome the recently established consumer behaviours. This might include making the customer interaction more personal, rewards for in-store visits or showing appreciation for customer’s loyalty.

Focus on long term relationships, not just the sale

Customer service is focussed on building long term relationships rather than just supporting sales. Focussing on how you make customers feel and improving the shopping experience will be remembered long after the pandemic is over.

Everyone has a part to play in reducing the spread of COVID-19. Retail businesses are urged to remain socially responsible by complying with COVIDSafe measures. The new hygiene measures are here for the long-term.

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