Hygiene Solutions for Retail

HygiMed represents the gold standard of responsibility that retailers should be aspiring to. HygiMed Sanitisation Stands contains hand sanitiser and surface wipes in a solid stand – giving consumers peace of mind they can sanitise their hands and anything they touch in a retail environment.

Hand & Surface Sanitisation Stations


Stop the spread of germs and disease in your retail business with our hand sanitiser stations. These units include integral antibacterial products and are ideal for situations when there’s no water or soap available. These powder coated metal units can be positioned anywhere in store, and can be customised to your brand.

✔  Cost effective, medical grade consumables

✔  Automatic monthly ordering

✔ Online ordering for additional consumables

✔ Customised to your brand (conditions apply)


2x Cartons Disinfectant Wipes
Total: 36 units 
@ $6/unit ($216.00)


2x Cartons 
1L Hand Sanitiser
Total: 36 units 
@ $12/unit  ($432.00)


FREE HygiMed Sanitisation Stand

Each System Contains


✔  1L Hand Sanitiser Gel (75% Ethanol-Based)

✔  2x 100 Packs of Medical Grade Disinfecting Wipes

Ideal for...


The HygiMed Hand and Surface Sanitisation Stand is ideal for any retail business including supermarkets, department stores, grocery and supermarkets, food and beverage retail, convenience stores, general and specialty retail, auto retailers, pharmacies and many others.

✔  Battery-free unit

✔  Theft-proof system

✔ Easy to refill

✔ High quality product refills




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